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Simple-actors: A Simple Actor Model Concurrency Library

EDIT: I’ve just released version 0.1.0 of this library. It is a complete re-write / re-think that I think makes the library much more attractive, simple and powerful. There won’t be any more dramatic API changes.

I was in need of a simple, tight library implementing the Actor Model of concurrency and didn’t find one on hackage, so I wrote my own. You can check out the docs here and get it with a

$ cabal install simple-actors

The library is really just a thin layer around Chans, and I made no great effort to ensure that the library conforms to any particular formal definition of the actor model, but rather tried to make an idiomatic haskell library for more structured concurrent programming.

I’ve been going all sorts of ways with this and would appreciate any feedback anyone would like to share.

I’ll be using it in some (hopefully fun and interesting) posts in the near future, to model concurrent systems, and also exploring creating a more involved concurrency library. So stay tuned if that’s what you’re into.