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Magic Haskell Code Completions in Vim!

UPDATE: This project is on hold for now. Many people have pointed out that the snipMate VIM plugin can probably handle many of these completions. I may make a collection of those at some point, but I no longer have much interest in finishing this.

I’m trying something new: putting code-in-progress up on github while I work on it. So! I love haskell so freaking much I’ve started creating a vimscript to improve the typeability of the language in the vim editor, and the working name is: haskomplete.vim

The script looks at the context of your cursor and fills in stuff when you type CTRL-H. For instance, this:

func1, func2


func1, func2 :: ^ func1 = undefined func2 = undefined

…with the cursor positioned where I show the carat.

Check out the on github for installation details.

I’ve only implemented a few of my planned completions so far. I’ll give another shout when it’s more complete.

In the meantime please send me a pull request with bug fixes, your own awesome completions, etc. or just tell me how much you think you might love it. I would love if this became something of a community project.