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Directory-tree Module Released

I’ve released my first package, up now on hackage (haddock docs should be generated soon). The module provides a simple data structure that mirrors a directory tree, and some useful functions for doing IO on directories of files. You can read more about it here.

It’s very likely there are some bugs, especially related to cross platform issues with file names and paths. The module is also fairly bare, so please send me any requests for functionality that I haven’t thought of, as well as any bugs you might find.

You can install it with:

$ cabal install directory-tree

And get the source with:

$ darcs get

I hope this is useful to someone!

UPDATE: I’ve just released v0.9.0 of this package which has a number of sneaky changes and additions, most notably the inclusion of a readDirectoryWithL function that allows for lazy directory reading IO. This will let users work with a DirTree read from disk just as if it was a pure lazy data structure, while IO is done in the background as needed. No more exploding code! (hopefully)