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dilly.js: A Library for Loops With Delays in JavaScript

I’ve released a new library for writing sort of idiomatic-looking loops with delays in javascript. This was motivated by this work in which I was implementing an algorithm/simulation; I wanted the code to be readable as straighforward loops, but I needed a delay for the visual portion.

Here is an example of its usage:

    .for("x",1,2)                // range: 1, 2
        .for("y",1,3 , 8)        // range(with step of 2): 1, 3, 5, 7
            .for("z",['a','b'])  // foreach: 'a', 'b'

The inner do block runs with a one-second delay between executions.

You can pick up the code with

$ git clone

The design is actually much closer conceptually to list comprehensions. Also, I’m fairly certain that the approach I took is far messier than necessary, but I was suffering from elegant coder’s block.

Send me any pull requests or bug reports you have.